Is It Possible To Prevent Blood Cancer?


What most people know is that we all have inactive cancer cells that are merely waiting to become activated. It is impossible to foresee when it might happen. Hence, for some individuals, it feels like preventing blood cancer may be a tough feat that no one can ever circumvent.

The thing is, how real is this idea? Is there a chance to avoid having cancer?

Before answering that, let us talk about the things that may cause the disease.

  1. Radiation

You bask in the sun without any skin protection, thinking only of the nice tan you will get from it. You light candles often to relax. You bop to trendy and classic songs with the stereo on full blast. You like to always be on the go, so you cook a big batch of food a week ahead and reheat everything in the microwave oven when hungry. However, what do you get out of all these fun things? Radiation, no less.

In reality, radiation is one of the main reasons why people develop blood cancer. We tend to do a lot of exciting things and embrace technology, oblivious of their side effects. You don’t need to live like a primitive and forego everything that makes life easy, but it won’t hurt to moderate the activities that involve radiation-emitting stuff.

  1. Insecticides And Herbicides

Some individuals seem big about only eating non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and other people honestly find them ridiculous. “Whatever harmful substance is in those ingredients, they will go away once you cook them,” the latter may insist. As much as you want to agree that high heat can sterilize everything, though, you should realize that it is mostly helpful for killing bacteria and germs.

You see, the fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides used to grow the plants and keep the weeds away are not microorganisms, so heat won’t have much effect on them. They have been created from organic and inorganic chemicals that can enter the body, bind with other compounds in there, and practically make you sick. You can wash the fresh produces thoroughly, but they may be too deep inside the leaves and fruits for your cleaning solutions to reach.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Folks who consider themselves foodies may be prone to getting blood cancer too. The reason is that they are more willing to consume different foods, regardless if it’s healthy or not, for the sake of being able to say that they have tried everything in one place. There goes the possibility of eating double-fried dishes, sweets, and other stuff that aren’t good for your system. This is also mentioned in

The danger increases when you rarely exercise or sleep. The former entails you are always chilling, while the former means you don’t get enough rest. You have to find a balance between the two since such an unhealthy lifestyle can give you the C word in no time.

  1. Self-Medication

The idea of self-medicating has never been acceptable in the medical community. Some patients assume that doctors do not recommend it because it keeps them from paying their professional fees. However, the truth is that taking drugs without a specialist assessing the condition first can lead to wrong dosage, incorrect choice of medicine, and harmful chemical reaction in the body.

Self-diagnosis often comes when you self-medicate as well. When you feel fatigue or have a fever, for instance, you might merely take paracetamol. If you experience it over and over, though, you need to stop doing that and consult a medical professional since these are early symptoms of cancer (check more signs here:


Can You Prevent Blood Cancer?

Now that you have seen the things that may activate the cancer cells, you already know that the prevention of the disease is possible. There is no 100% guarantee that you won’t have cancer if you avoid the things mentioned above, for sure. Despite that, not letting yourself be in danger’s way by not using gadgets too much, living healthily, and checking in with a doctor regularly can undoubtedly increase your chances of becoming cancer-free.

Share this article to your family and friends to help them prevent blood cancer too. Cheers!

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