Subtle Symptoms Of Leukemia That You Need To Watch Out For


As someone who has had a blood cancer for years, I can tell that a blood-based disease like leukemia can be tricky to identify. Of course, you may argue that a little blood work in the lab may show the abnormality in your cells. However, the challenging part is knowing when you should contact a physician to get that test done.

The reason is that the initial signs of it seem too familiar for people who experience lack of sleep, anemia, or other typical problems. If you want to understand the subtle symptoms I’m talking about, continue reading below.


Physical Weakness And Exhaustion

This signal appears when there’s an imbalance between your red and white blood cells. You don’t get enough of the former coursing through your veins, so you tend to feel woozy and powerless at times.

As mentioned above, you might blame the issue of anemia at first. In case you always take iron supplements, though, and you still keep on feeling weak and fatigued, that may be a sign that you need to get checked for leukemia.

Heart Tremors

The disease can contribute as well to making your heart beat faster. It doesn’t matter whether you only walked across the room or up the stairs – you may feel that organ palpitating as if you ran a mile.

It’s typical for folks who have cardiovascular illnesses to think that it’s the cause of those tremors. There’s a possibility, however, that the palpitations are due to your heart working double time to give you the red blood cells you lack, no thanks to leukemia.

Bleeding Out Too Much

It seems reasonable for your gum to bleed if you floss too hard. You might also shed a bit of blood if you accidentally prick your finger while attaching a pin to your clothes. What you should realize that is beyond the norm is experiencing bleeding in those areas for days.

The thing is, in case you’re healthy, minor cuts like those should heal instantly. Considering you eat carbs or drink milkshakes rarely, you can’t assume that it’s because you have diabetes. No, leukemia may be the culprit; that’s why you need to speak with your doctor soon.

Constant Bruising

Getting a bruise near that time of the month is quite common for women. That’s a symptom of the pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. However, for bruising to come, you usually have to bump onto a table or bedpost before the spots appear on your body.

In case you see bruises past your period, or you’re not even a woman, you should feel concerned. Leukemia tends to make it challenging for your blood to clot as it takes away your platelets. In fact, you might notice bruising in random places like the back, triceps, stomach, et cetera.


There’s nothing wrong about receiving a general checkup regularly. It reassures you that you are perfectly fine. Aside from that, it allows you to see if there’s a disease lurking in your body and treat it before it messes you up. You should do it not only when you notice the subtle symptoms above.

Good luck!

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