Benefits Of Being Part Of A Faith Community


I’ve been going to church since I was very young since most of my family members are part of a church community. I speak from experience about what I feel as beneficial about being part of a faith community. I wouldn’t say that I am super religious. I am just a practical person who happens to have my own beliefs about my faith without the intention of influencing others to any particular religion.

I believe that being actively part of a faith community can improve one’s life in several ways.

  1. It Creates Relationships With Supportive Individuals. Through the church group or community, you can create friendships and build bonds with people who have gone through or are going through similar journeys as you. They help you keep yourself focused on the direction that you want to go, which hopefully is towards the better road. You have people you can call when you’re facing difficulty or establish social connections.
  1. You Have A Consistent Place To Contemplate Or Recover. Being part of a faith community means having a place of solace where you can go and replenish yourself when you’re drained, lonely, or need some comfort. A place of spirituality nurtures a sense of identity and belongingness.
  2. It Engages You To Do Ministry Work. As a church member, this allows you to share your blessings with others in the form of ministry work. This will help you improve your social, team, and leadership skills as you continue to meet different kinds of people and share your faith with them. Most importantly, it instills a good character that you can be proud of.
  3. You Have A Ready Place To Get Married Or Christen Your Kids With Divine Blessings. For someone like me, who’s been loving and living the church life, I must get married in a church surrounded by the people who matter to me. I feel so blessed, safe, and happy. Soon, my babies will be baptized in the community church that I am a part of.
  4. You Have A Community That You Can Run To For Personal Or Financial Need. This is true in that most faith community members have instilled in them kindness and generosity so much so that they would be willing to help financially. Financial problems are not rare, especially with families who are struggling. Needless to say, you are also encouraged to do the same when your fellow church members need your help as well.
  1. You Can Honor Your Dead Loved Ones Knowing That You Can Pray For Them With The Community. All of us want to honor our loved ones’ past lives appropriately, without having to think where to have the funeral. There is usually a group or committee assigned to these things, such as taking care of the logistics, schedule of prayers and services, etc. Mourning won’t be as lonely.

 My years of experience of being a faith community member have only given me more than I can ask for. I want that for you too. 


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