Learning The Early Symptoms Of Blood Cancer

I remember going to the 2018 Blood Cancer Conference on a Friday out of genuine interest on the disease. Cancer, in general, remains mysterious in my head because no one knows when your genes exactly mutate and cause tumor formation. Blood cancer is especially challenging to catch since you won’t find any lump at all. The abnormal cells pool in the bone marrow before entering the bloodstream, so the patient cannot possibly detect it by touch.

Despite that, I have understood from the convention that blood cancer has early indications. Yes, they can be similar to the symptoms of other illnesses sometimes. However, knowing what they are should be enough to make you go to the doctor and have them perform blood tests on you.

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Here are the early symptoms of blood cancer:

Poor Blood Clotting

The primary indication of the illness is your blood’s inability to clot fast. For instance, if you get a manicure, and the nipper cuts the tiniest bit of skin, you may bleed for at least an hour, which is not normal. It happens because you don’t have enough platelets to perform blood clotting.

Itching Skin

Itchy skin is another telltale sign of blood cancer. It is usually felt by individuals with lymphoma, along with dizziness, night sweats, and red dots on the skin. There is no proven reason for it, but scientists believe that itchiness occurs when the immune system fights cancer cells and produces cytokines that irritate nerve endings.

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Aching Bones

Blood cancer can make you experience bone pain, too. That is especially true if you end up having multiple myeloma. Your ribs and spine tend to ache for hours from the start as the cancer cells weaken the bones and keep them from healing.

If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t wait another day to consult a physician. They can perform the appropriate tests to either confirm your assumptions or ease your worries.

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