5 Things You Can Do If Cancer Stresses You Out Too Much

I went to the 2019 Stress and Anxiety Conference for cancer patients with my best friend, an ovarian cancer survivor. Now that she’s on remission and a doctor invited her to speak at the said event, I wanted to show my support. 

I knew most of what my best friend was supposed to talk about during her panel. I stayed by her side throughout the treatments, so I knew her story first-hand. But what made me proud even more was the fact that she fought the stress that cancer could bring to any patient by doing the following:

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Eat Good Food

The first thing you can do is to eat good food. Order or cook the best comfort food that you can think of and eat as much as your stomach can take. Your doctor will never advise you to do this, but forgetting your diet once may relieve your stress.

Talk To Loved Ones

Stress builds up in our mind and body when we do not have an outlet for our deep-seated thoughts. In that case, you should open up to your family and friends about whatever that may be bothering you. They care more than you possibly realize, so they will undoubtedly listen to you.

Turn Off Social Media 

Some people find peace in browsing through a friend’s or celebrity’s Instagram or Twitter page, and that’s okay. But it seems to amplify your stress—possibly by reminding you of what you should have been doing instead of treating cancer—you should immediately turn off your social media. You are free to log back in when you feel calm but not when others’ posts agitate you.

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Move Around

Moving around is another trick that offers stress relief. Say, go around the park, get new plants to place in your backyard, etc. Assuming you may be too weak to stand up due to treatments, it should still not be a problem as long as you have a wheelchair. 


If the first four tricks do not work, you still have one more to try: sleeping. Your cells regenerate and your body gets all the rest it needs when you sleep. The more snooze, the more you wake up as if you have zero worries in life. That prevents you from stressing out over matters that are out of your hands.

Final Thoughts

You have every reason to feel stressed about cancer. It hinders you from achieving your long-term goals; it puts you in so much pain regularly. However, if you let the stress consume you, it may speed up the cancer cells’ production and keep you from healing. 

Follow the tips above until you can put stress beneath you. Good luck!

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