Leukemia And The Benefits Of Counseling


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Every nine minutes, one person in America dies from some blood cancer. This report signifies an average of 160 individuals every day or more than six individuals per hour. Leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma are assumed to be the cause of deaths of approximately 58,000 people in the United States in the year 2018. Leukemia is not a joke. In fact, the deaths that have resulted from the illness are high and must be given more attention by the public.

Leukemia patients need to deal with the difficulties of overcoming the illness and overcoming the physical and mental effects after treatment. Patients must be given a choice right after treatment to go through sessions of counseling or therapy. The psychological impact, if not managed, could exist for the rest of the patients’ lives. Some of the effects are depression, anxiety, and survivor’s guilt, among others. Hospitals are required to offer leukemia patients a counselor to help them deal with emotional and social concerns common during and after treatment.


Leukemia is a form of cancer that is advanced where the production of bone marrow is accelerated, causing the number of dysfunctional leukocytes to increase. The disease does not only affect a person’s physical health but his mental state as well. The trauma of undergoing treatments for leukemia and the illness itself tremendously impacts one’s mental and emotional health. Almost every cancer survivor is confronted with psychological and emotional problems, including grief, anxiety, depression, or guilt. These survivors must be given the right to be provided with a therapist or a counselor, even if they initially think they won’t need one. Psychological concerns need to be dealt with during and after their treatment.

Importance Of Counseling

Counseling is a crucial step in helping leukemia survivors overcome their most debilitating issues. Often, going into counseling is seen as being frail or humiliating, but this is definitely not the case. Counseling is intended to help patients and survivors overcome whatever issues they might have gotten since the illness. There are several types of counseling and various kinds of counseling work for different individuals. Leukemia survivors have to find which type will work for them, and they need to find an outlet where they can discuss their frustrations, joys, and whatever topic they want to talk about.

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Counseling won’t precisely work like magic or make life entirely better. Still, it will definitely put leukemia patients and survivors in the right direction and help them hope for a happier and more convenient life. Counseling must be provided because it is beneficial to have someone to talk to about how they’ve been and what they’ve been doing to cope with life despite their illness.

Availability For Counseling

Logically, many survivors have this idea that seeking therapy or counseling is too complex and expensive as well. Counseling can be intimidating and tough to find the right circumstance, but it is necessary, and it’s worth it. Leukemia patients must be introduced to a counselor to make it easier for them and so that they do not have to worry about having to find someone by themselves. Finding a counselor for them should be the next important step in overcoming their challenges and beating leukemia.

Indeed, it can be not easy to find the right counselor and can be expensive. But if hospitals were to offer to counsel to survivors, this would get rid of the stressful process of finding a suitable counselor. The cost for counseling or therapy can go from $50 to more than $200 for an hour. Honestly, $50 is not such an insane amount of money. In fact, it is affordable, considering that counseling will help these patients move forward with their lives. Additionally, when counseling is paid for by the hospital or insurance company, it eliminates all the worry and stress that the leukemia patients and their families and enables them to focus on recovery and healing. There would be no excuse for patients not to go to counseling when it has already been provided for them for no extra charge.

Right now, more and more hospitals and insurance companies are shouldering the cost of counseling or therapy. This is only right. It has been projected that the existing numbers will continue to rise, as evidence has shown the benefits of counseling on leukemia and other cancer patients and survivors.

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Hospitals must be required to offer counseling or therapy to leukemia patients and survivors. They have gone through so much emotional, physical, and mental pain, and they need a professional that can talk them through their worries, anxieties, and fears. Surviving leukemia individuals need a counselor to talk about their past and present experiences, help them overcome the effects they are going through and work with them to draft a plan that would help them survive through such a difficult illness.


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