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Here's news and info about three primary blood cancers, Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia with a decided patient's perspective.  I hope this helps whether you're newly diagnosed or veteran survivor.  

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American Association of Cancer Research Scientist-Survivor Program

I recently completed the AACR Scientist - Survivor Program at the AACR's Annual Meeting held in Washington DC. What an incredible opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds in oncology research and care.  The annual AACR meeting presents the most timely and significant research in scientific disciplines centered on cancer. Technological and medical leaders from around the world network over five days to announce and objectively look at latest progress in cancer diagnostics, detection, care and prevention.  The international audience includes some of the most accomplished advocates, scientists, physicians, nurses, students, and other healthcare professionals committed to wiping out cancer.

The Scientist - Survivor Program held each year in conjunction with the AACR annual meeting gives survivors and patient advocates an early look at new developments in cancer research and ideal venue to meet with many prominent researchers from around the world.  As a Research Advocate having no formal medical education but plenty of experience, I'm determined to help other patients and their caregivers understand more of the technical aspects of their cancer, treatment options and cure.   My goal is to provide additional, perhaps easier to understand information that will help prepare patients to ask the right questions about their care.  Being an e-Patient, empowered, educated, enabled, and engaged directly impacts patients' ability to survive this dreaded disease.

The AACR Survivor - Scientist Program sets up participants into small working groups that include an advocate mentor and a scientist mentor.  Prior to the conference, each advocate was required to perform in depth research about his/her particular cancer and present findings in a Open Poster Forum where other survivors and leading physicians and researchers could examine the advocate's work.  At the beginning of the conference each working group is given specific projects that require disciplined, active research while attending the five day conference.  I'll prepared a detailed "trip report" due no later than July 5, 2013.  

I met an incredible coterie of patient advocates that included cancer warriors, survivors and advocates each having a distinct personal experience with one or more types of cancer. I was fortunate to meet with some of the world's leading expert scientists, investigators and physicians focused on research and care of a variety of cancers.  Needless to say, I was particularly excited to connect with some of the best and brightest that focus on my particular incurable blood cancer.   A special hello to my advocate-peeps and dear friends I encountered at this conference.  The army of breast cancer warriors is the toughest, most effective and most compassionate anywhere.  More to follow... 


From Wajiha | On January 04, 2014 @01:14 am
We did nothng both you and I to drevsee cancer. We all- every single one of us on earth- will all go one day. Don't believe this is natural selection, rmber cancer is genetic, enviromental ect Also rmber we ALL have cancer cells in us it's just our bodies ability to fight it off. You're special pls don't think that you got cancer due to natural selection. I to have lived a good life at 41. I am late stage ovarian(stage 3c) I know i will go one day. Your young. What stage is your colon cancer?

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