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Here's news and info about three primary blood cancers, Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia with a decided patient's perspective.  I hope this helps whether you're newly diagnosed or veteran survivor.  

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Oral Chemo Parity Legislation, almost passed. It's now up to the Governor

I've learned plenty this year about the need for patient advocates in legislative circles.  State lawmakers need to be educated about the concerns of all patients especially in light of the Federal and State government getting more involved in our healthcare.  For almost a year, I've been working with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, (LLS) the American Cancer Society and other public advocacy organizations walking the halls of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State House. This volunteer team with LLS was able to garner sufficient support from the Commonwealth's Senate who passed our proposed bill, but at the eleventh hour, we were nuked by some legislator's arm twisting who got the bill "amended" which essentially neutralized it in the House of Representatives.  But on Monday, December 31, the last day of this extended Legislative Session, our professional lobbying team got word that the Bill S2363, has passed the House and Senate!

This means that cancer patients that receive chemotherapy in "pill form" rather than infusion (intravenous IV) will be covered at 100% instead of the very expensive 'pharmacy coverage" which typically has a very high co-pay, costing some patients many hundred of dollars each month.   For more details about the importance of this bill check my story at:


Now, we need to get the Commonwealth's Governor (Deval Patrick) to sign the bill to enact this most important piece of legislation.  In summary, this bill provides coverage parity for patients who have insurance coverage for chemotherapy. It also represents very dramatic cost savings for all, including healthcare providers, insurance providers, Federal and State taxpayers who pick up the tab for much of healthcare cost and most important, the patient.  

Massachusetts is the 20th state to pass this much needed legislation.

Please pick up the phone, call the MA Governor's office 617 725 4005 or use this form at:

http:www.mass.gov/governor/constituentservices/contact    to ask Governor Patrick to sign this bill.  


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