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Here's news and info about three primary blood cancers, Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia with a decided patient's perspective.  I hope this helps whether you're newly diagnosed or veteran survivor.  

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As a Research Advocate, Patient Advocate and Legislative Advocate surviving and managing a "not yet curable" blood cancer and more recently an aggressive, metastatic prostate cancer, part of my medicine is to "get out there" tell my helpful, hopeful story and connect with patient advocacy programs to help other cancer patients, especially the newly diagnosed, to advocate for rational funding for biomedical research, the smartest investment we can make and to help educate policymakers and lawmakers about the state-of-the-art in medicine and biotech pointing to the need to update legislation.  I'm elated to offer a unique, e-Patient perspective to the Life Sciences industry at leading conferences around the United States and Europe, my second act career. Please click Calendar here or above to see my upcoming speaking engagements.    

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The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)sponsored the Rally for Medical Research Hill Day in Washington DC that included participation from more than 300 medical institutions and advocacy organizations to urge the U.S. Congress to make medical research a priority. The specific aim is to continue sounding the alarm and raising awareness for the importance of sustained budget increases for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—research that ultimately leads to more progress, more hope and more lives saved. AACR asked Jack to tell his hopeful, helpful story at the National Press Club and to meet with members of Congress to help them learn more.   

Rally for Medical Research

Rally for Medical Research, Jack Whelan's Story

Jack believes supporting increased funding for biomedical research is not only compassionate, it makes economic sense and is fiscally sound. This investment pays very high dividends in providing good health care for our citizens while squarely and smartly addressing the increasing costs of health care.


For more information about "Rally for Medical Research please visit: http://www.rallyformedicalresearch.org

Pfizer is keenly interested in the patient's voice as an integral part of the company's drug development program.  Pfizer's Value of Medicine Ad campaign features an interview with Jack where he shares some of his personal experiences.   

Pfizer Value of Medicines

Pfizer Value of Medicines, Jack Whelan's Story

Pfizer's "Value of Medicines" papers outline the social health and economic value of a variety of classes of treatments.  The supporting 90 second viodeo illustrates the positive impact that medicines have had on a patient, Jack Whelan.  Jack faced a life-threatening health condition.  His story provides insights into the important role that medicines have played in his journey toward improved health.

To read Pfizer's "Value of Medicines" papers visit: http://www.pfizer.com/news/press_kits/value_of_medicines


At eyeforpharma's Patient-Centered Clinical Trials 2014 Conference in London, Jack speaks on how biotech and pharmaceutical companies can become more patient-centric.     

eyeforpharma Jack Whelan

eyeforpharma interview with Jack Whelan

Jack Whelan, ePatient and clinical trial proponent on how pharma needs to push the regulatory boundaries to fully engage with the patient and how a strict regulatory environment is hampering meaningful dialogue between pharma and the patient - See more at:



At Genentech's Give Back Week celebration at AT&T Park, Jack shared the stage with three magnificent cancer survivors Margie, Christina and Ali and real rock stars: Usher, Colbie Caillat and Foo Fighters. This video a short story of hope and survival was a key part of the presentation.     

Genentech gives back Jack Whelan

Genentech Gives Back Survivor Stories

Jack was featured at Genentech's 2014 Give Back week, now in its seventh year, a company-wide initiative that raises money for charity and encourages employees to volunteer with local and national non-profits. It gives employees a chance to reconnect with colleagues in the spirit of giving and helps the company collectively make real and positive changes in local communities.

Cancer Today MagazineCancer Today Story

I'm honored to be featured in Cancer Today magazine.  The author and now very good friend, Betty Russell and the Cancer Today team from AACR did a great job telling "my story".  I hope you find it helpful and hopeful and fun.  Sit back, relax and read.  I'm thankful for photos of my family and many friends who have been with me all the way. 

The medical team at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham & Women's Hospital is exceptional.
A special thanks to my oncologists- Dr. Nancy Chun at Winchester Hospital, Dr. Lauren Harshman and Dr. Irene Ghobrial at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Dr. Ken Pienta at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and Dr. Richard Baum at Zentralklinik in Germany.  Far too many folks to thank here. 
BIG HUGS,    Jack



Welcome blood cancer peeps

Welcome blood cancer patients, caregivers & healthcare pros. Whether you're a patient, provider, payer or pharmaceutical, I hope you like this Research Advocate patient perspective on the research, care and cure of blood cancers, specifically Lymphoma, Leukemia and Myeloma.   

As my best Italian friend Greg says, "you gotta do what you gotta do".  I'm beating this incurable cancer betting on Clinical Trials where targeted molecular agents are in development rather than conventional chemotherapy which is often borrowed from other blood cancer regimens to treat my specific blood cancer. Personalized "precision" Medicine is now changing all that. If you are facing a cancer battle, you must explore what treatment options are in Clinical Trials!

So I began writing and presenting key issues about living with blood cancer.  I started appearing on some TV and radio and got picked up by some national newspapers because of some charitable and fundraising activities and because there's an urgent need to educate lawmakers and government officials who make decisions about your healthcare options.  I went public!  It's no secret, I love public speaking, talking to the press, and helping other patients and caregivers. I'm earning my stripes as an effective Research Advocate and Event Speaker with a compelling message.


Precision Medicine and the ePatient

There is a lack of knowledge about Precision Medicine in development outside of a few leading centers of excellence and academia. With ubiquitous access to on-line information, the e-Patient movement is well underway, very positive for patients, healthcare professionals and providers.  Your physician may no longer the primary source of much needed, more current info, you can help. 

I've been told, "you should write a book, do more public speaking, get the message out about so many important topics".  I think I can communicate with more people via this site and social media to deliver more timely information and messages. Check my Twitter feed @JackWhelan.    

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